Penis Sleeve or Reusable Condom?


What is penis sleeve or reusable condom?
In Market, People known as Penis Sleeve, Penis extender, Cock Sleeve, Dick sleeve, Male penis Sleeve, Dick extension and Cock sheath.
A penis sleeve is a reusable condom that slips over the penis to offer some sexual delight or pleasure.
The sleeve might be intended to improve penis size or length, lower responsiveness, offer finished feeling to an accomplice, or even assistance with erectile brokenness.

See there are many types of condoms (like latex condom, silicon condom, Long Lasting condom, Extra Lube condom, flavored condom, thin condom, extra dotted condom etc.) are in the market and all have own property but I am going to talk about REUSABLE CONDOM SLEEVE Which is made up of Silicon or Natural Latex but the most common is made up of silicon.
Now I am sharing some images for better understanding.


  • First of all, REUSABLE CONDOM SLEEVE is also a washable condom.
  • Due to being washable in nature so it can be used many times up to years if not damaged.
  • Usually, it is designed with some extra bumps at the surface area to give you the maximum pleasure on the bed during intercourse and enhance your experience.
  • REUSABLE CONDOM SLEEVE is basically a condom which prevents pregnancy during intercourse.
  • REUSABLE CONDOM SLEEVE also works as a penis extender. See, the person who is suffering from small size then that person should use REUSABLE CONDOM SLEEVE.
  • Even those couples who matter a size then the REUSABLE CONDOM SLEEVE can be used according to the desired size by the couple.
  • Sometimes a couple wants some extra fun or uses some additional stuff on the bed then that time REUSABLE CONDOM SLEEVE will be the good one.
  • Any female who loves to come deep inside then that time REUSABLE CONDOM SLEEVE is the best choice.

Why do the new generation people prefer REUSABLE CONDOM SLEEVE?

  • Work as a penis extender
  • Washable and reusable
  • Odorless
  • Some Reusable Condom available with vibration
  • Gives Extra pleasure

How to use:
First of all, check REUSABLE CONDOM SLEEVE is fresh piece after unboxing.
Now clean your penis area with any soap gel and wash and clean with the help of any cotton cloths.
Then use some lubricant on your penis area which flavor you like most, (I prefer AGRO HERBS STRAWBERRY LUBE.

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