In which lubricants are better and how to use and benefit?

Dear users, We are well known about lubricants but there is so much confusion which one is better and no side effects after using lubricants.
Wait we tell that all about lubricants confliction
There are so many types of lubricant available in the market but which one is the best lubricant to use during intercourse.
Oil based: - There are so many kinds of water-based lubricants all over the world. But I suggest Ayurvedic oil lubricant is more powerful because the first thing is that there are no side effects and the second thing is that it is made up of all natural ingredients which is the best thing. One more thing most of the people think oil-based lubricant means olive oil, edible oil, coconut oil etc. but the thing is always use commercial lubricants which are totally ayurvedic. One more benefit of the oil-based lubricant is it is also used as a massage oil. So you can buy oil based lubricant from which is totally made with natural ingredients and ayurvedically good for sexual health.
Water based: - yes water-based lubricants is the most common lubricant. It is non-sticky and paraben free. Always check before purchase that water-based lubricant should be silicon free and ph. balanced. The good news is that there are so many water-based lubricants in the surrounding market which are ayurvedically made. Yes, this kind of lubricant is also flavored like strawberry, chocolate, apple etc. strawberry flavored lubricant is the most common and desirable lubricant which is loved by both partners. You can also buy a strawberry lubricant from

How to clean: -
Both kinds of lubricants are easily washable with soap, shampoo or shower gel. There are no bed liners permanently, after washing it is neat and clean.

How to use:
Yes, the main question is how to use the lubricant that can give better results.
Now take some droplet on finger or rubbed on the even penile or vaginal part then massage with soft hand rounded with some intensity and the go for penetrative sex. Use a sufficient amount of lubricant to prevent the dryness and after this orgasm will be achieved by the couples.

Benefits of the lubricant:
First of all, lubricants help to prevent vaginal dryness and make it smooth.
Lubricant plays a very crucial role for the anal sex because anal area is mostly dry and during penetration it is more complicated and painful so lubricants make easier and comfortable.
The biggest thing is that it will give you the ultimate pleasure of both of the partners.
Lubricants are also used before using the any sexual toy.
It is also very useful for couples who are in middle age and also very useful for first timers and teenagers.

Note: if any allergic infection please avoid using of lubricants till you are not recovered or take the advice from sexual experts.

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